Property Appraisal

Northern Investment Company specializes in both personal property and real estate appraisals!

Real Estate

The Appraisers on staff with Northern Investment Company have the combined knowledge, experience, and tools to produce accurate and substantive appraisals.

Companywide, NIC performs 500+ real estate appraisals per year. This allows NIC to be in touch with the most recent trends and changes in the real estate industry. Contact the Arcadia office at 715-985-3191 for your real estate appraisal needs.

Personal Property

Conducting over 150 auctions per year gives NIC the information needed to accurately appraise all types of personal property. Whether it is antiques, collectibles, or farm machinery & livestock; NIC has the most recent data to accurately appraise your property. Call NIC for all your appraisal needs!

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